Thursday, December 6, 2012

Simple Answers

By Tom Kando

Today, I thought I’d help you out a little bit, and give some simple answers to some questions which you may have had:

1. Should we abolish the electoral college? YES. Why?
Because Democracy means equality. It means one man/woman = one vote.  The electoral college contradicts this.

2. Should we abolish the Senate? YES. Why?
For the same reason. In the Senate, California’s 38 million people are represented by  the same number of senators (2) as the 660,000 people of Wyoming.

No democracy should have a bi-cameral legislature.  A congress/parliament only requires one legislative chamber. The other one - call it the Senate, the Upper House, the House of Lords, or whatever - is a superfluous vestige of an undemocratic past, going all the way back to ancient Rome. Such institutions are as undemocratic as was the three-fifths compromise, whereby the slave population  counted for three fifths of the white population, or the poll tax, which was a pre-condition for voting. What part of equality don’t you understand?

3. (Of relevance to the current debate about the “fiscal cliff”): Should taxes be progressive? YES. Why?
A flat tax is unfair. The higher your income is, the higher the PROPORTION of it should you hand over to the government. The NET income of the affluent will still exceed that of low-income people.

4. Should wages be taxed less heavily than income from investments, capital gains, inheritance, etc? YES. Why?
Because working is harsher and more painful than playing with stocks  or living off inherited wealth.

5. Should Capitalism continue? YES. Why?
Both Capitalism and Socialism should continue. Paleo-Capitalism -  unfettered  free-enterprise and Social Darwinism - should be reformed and blended with Socialism to form a better system,  just as hydrogen and oxygen blend to produce water.

6. Should we pull our military out of most other countries? YES. Why?
Because our soldiers should no more be  “there”  than theirs  should be here.

7. Should Israel and Palestine be two separate and independent states? YES. Why?
Because Israel and Palestine want  to be two separate and independent states.

8. Should there be fewer firearms? YES. Why?
Because the more firearms there are, the more people are killed with  them.

9. Is America exceptional? YES. Why?
Because every country is exceptional. Italy is also exceptional, and so is Holland, and so is Japan, and so is every other country.

10. Does God exist? YES.
How do you know? Because God exists either independently from humans, but if not, he/she  exists  in their minds and in their beliefs. leave comment here