Sunday, August 23, 2015

America in the Age of Trump

 Here is an imaginary interview with a typical Trump supporter. I approach one of those older white guys in the parking lot outside the stadium where Trump held his rally. The guy is standing next to his Dodge Ram pickup truck, wearing a fishing cap, portly, his wife next to him. I start out by asking:

“So you like Trump? What is it about him that you like so much?”

“He is honest. He tells it like it is! He’ll clean house when he goes to Washington! He doesn’t beat around the bush. He takes on those damn politicians; all those damn liars. I am fed up with all this politically correct bs!”

“I see. So you feel that all politicians are liars, or are some of them more dishonest than others?”

“They are all a bunch of liars. Especially Hillary! You can’t trust that bitch!”

“Can you name one of her fibs?”

“Fibs? What do you mean?”

“Lie, you know. What specifically has she lied about?”

“Well, there is that whole Benghazi thing, and now her e-mail fraud...She is just a total fraud...”

“So what exactly is Benghazi about?”

“Well. you know, she just lied about it...”

“Yes, but what was the lie? And what happened in Benghazi?”

“Well, she lied about the whole thing. She never told the truth...”

“Hmm...You also said that she is guilty of e-mail fraud. What exactly did she do?”

“Well, the FBI is after her now. We’ll soon find out. There is a crime there somewhere, that’s for sure...You can tell just by listening to her and looking at her; just look at the way she talks. She thinks we are all a bunch of dummies.”

“What crime do you think she committed?”

“Well you know, her e-mails and all that. She deleted a whole bunch of e-mail. She must have something to hide,... and with the help of her man, slick Willie.”

“Have you never deleted any of your e-mail?”

“I don’t use e-mail, I don’t have anything to hide...”

“I see...But let’s get back to Trump. How is he going to help the country?”

“He’ll make America great again.”


“He’ll stop terrorism...”

“How will he stop terrorism?”

“He won’t cow-tow to Iran, that’s for sure. Obama wants to give Iran the bomb. Trump would never give Iran the bomb.”

“How would he prevent that from happening?”

“He would wipe them out before it’s too late. He would use sanctions. Same with ISIS. Obama and Hillary don’t want to fight terrorists. No one is safe anymore. You gotta take Iran and ISIS out before they come over here and rape all our women...”

“Iran wants to come here and rape American women?”

“Damn right. And they are helping ISIS do it.”

“Helping ISIS to rape American women?”


“But aren’t Iran and ISIS mortal enemies? Isn’t Iran the main force opposing ISIS in Iraq?”

“It don’t make no difference. Them Arabs are all the same. They are out to get us...”

“But Iran isn’t an Arab country...” 

“Makes no difference...They call us Satan America, don’t they?”

“Do you feel that our government isn’t doing enough to protect the American people?”

“The government has been attacking the American people for years, and I’m tired of it! I want the government off my back!”

“The government is on your back? How is the government attacking you?”

“It takes my taxes and gives it to those illegals and those welfare chiselers and those drug addicts and those criminals! Trump will put an end to that!”


“He’ll stop the illegals, and he’ll ship them back to where they came from and he’ll make Mexico pay for it...”


“He’ll charge a fee at the border, and he’ll build a wall...”

“But most illegal immigrants now don’t come from Mexico, they come from Guatemala, Nicaragua and other countries south of Mexico...”

“They’re all the same, it don’t matter. They come up here and go on welfare and American tax payers have to carry those lazy drug using bums...”

“Don’t any of them work?”

“That’s just it, they steal our jobs because they are willing to work for a pittance...”

“I thought you said they all go on welfare?”

“They do both.... I’ll tell you boy, this country is in big trouble!”

“Can you be a bit more specific? What sort of trouble are we in?”

“Everything, man! Just look around! The gays, and the damn liberals, and the government attacking us...”

“So you feel that by taxing you, the government is attacking you? Are there other ways in which the government is attacking you?”

“The government grabs all of our benefits, Social Security, Obamacare is going to kill Medicare, I can barely make ends meet with my VA benefits and my military retirement. It’s all the government’s fault! I want the government off my back!”

“And what do you do sir?”

“I get Social Security and I get my military pension and I have V.A. benefits and I have an IRA. So I am okay as far as that goes, but it’s them other folks I’m talking about. They are not okay...”

“You mean poor blacks and other poor people?”

“Well, as far as blacks are concerned, they gotta start shaping up and stop complaining. We have been helping them for fifty years and they still complain...This is the greatest country in the world. In America, anybody can make it, if you really put yourself to it...”

“So who are the people who are not okay?”

“It’s the American people. They are tired of being picked on and being attacked by liberals and the media and the government...”

“I see. Thank you."

”© Tom Kando 2015
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