Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 NFL Playoffs: Kando's Prognostications

By Tom Kando

Dear Readers: As has become my custom, now that the regular NFL season is over, I offer you Kando’s 2013 post-season prognostications

1. Wild-card Round (Jan. 5-6)

Houston vs. Cincinnati: Houston
Indianapolis vs. Baltimore: Indianapolis
Green Bay vs. Minnesota: Green Bay
Seattle vs. Washington: Seattle

 2. Divisional Round (Jan. 12-13)
Houston vs. New England: New England
Indianapolis vs. Denver: Denver
Green Bay  vs. San Francisco: San Francisco
Seattle vs. Atlanta: Atlanta
3. Conference Championships (Jan. 20)
AFC: Denver  vs. New England: Denver
San Francisco vs. Atlanta: Atlanta

 4. Super Bowl (Feb. 3)
Denver vs. Atlanta: Denver
My predictions are based solely on win-loss records.  This is an unreliable basis, as the  teams with the best regular season records  have won fewer than half of the Super Bowl championships in the past. On the other hand, I find myself in the company of Nevada oddsmakers, who are also picking Denver to go all the way.
If I recall, last year I was slightly above 50% - in other words, my predictions were slightly better than those of a monkey or a flipped coin...let’s see what happens this time... leave comment here