Wednesday, May 28, 2008

About Us

This is a Political/Social Blog. It offers opinions on current political/social issues as well as more general topics. We are both long-time residents of the United States but we were raised and educated both in Europe and the US . We enjoy comparing the cultures and social norms of the two continents. Occasionally, we will sound opinionated, even biased. We welcome your comments and your opinions, whether they agree with ours or not. Happy reading.

Madeleine Kando is a Registered Movement Therapist and a graduate of Lesley College. Ms. Kando was educated in France and Holland. She holds a degree in Linguistics from the University of Utrecht and speaks four languages fluently. She is the co-author of 'Playing with Language' and has written various articles on bilingual education. She is the founder and director of The SmartStars Program, a Multiple Intelligences Language Program.

Tom Kando is a retired professor of sociology and an author. He has always worn two hats - that of the professional academic sociologist and that of the creative author. As the former, he has produced dozens of scholarly, refereed research articles and books. As the latter, he has written several novels, essays and articles, even publishing his own newspaper. Tom enjoys exploring topics relating to social psychology, marriage and family life, criminology, politics and social issues. To read samples of his work, please visit his Personal Publications and Professional Publications pages.