Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Trump's Worst Obscenity to Date: Making Children into Orphans

Our blog hasn’t been very active as of late. Some have blamed us for “disengaging” just as evil is getting worse. The reasons for writing less frequently over the past few months are private and irrelevant.

Nevertheless, our country sometimes reaches such a loathsome new low, such an abysmal nadir of immorality, that I feel compelled to take up the pen again, if for nothing else at least in order to re-iterate some of the verities which most people of good will already know:

The Trump-instigated , Republican-condoned and FOX News-encouraged policy of child torture at the Mexican border is an historical event whose gravity is comparable to our World War Two Japanese internment camps. The break-up of families which effectively makes orphans out of thousands of children is comparable to the break-up of black families during slavery. As my wife said, this policy is a crime against humanity and it deserves scrutiny by international courts in the tradition of the Nuremberg trials, or at least the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

Here are some salient, absurd or otherwise noteworthy points about this issue:

1. The Right’s immigration agenda is clearly and obviously motivated by one single overarching motive: To do everything in its power to maintain white supremacy. It is purely and exclusively a race war by non-military means. And to that end, the Right will stoop to ANY conceivable means. I have long believed that Trump’s instinctive sympathy for Russia has to do with the fact that Russia is the largest white country.

2. When attacked or criticized about ANYTHING, the Right (e.g. Fox News), relies on ONE strategy, to the near-total exclusion of everything else: CHANGE THE SUBJECT. Two examples:

Russiagate (the Mueller investigation): While Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and the other folks at Fox do cover this to some extent, of course, (how could they not, what with Giuliani’s antics?), they prefer to talk about other things. I often channel surf and spend a few moments looking at Fox News (until it makes me too sick, after a few minutes), and I am struck by the fact that they are frequently NOT discussing the latest revelations about Trump malfeasance, be it Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort, James Comey or any other aspect. Instead, they continue to dwell on Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, or they have some cooking show on.

The current child-separation crisis at the border: Accused of horrific cruelty, right-wing spokesmen’s response is something like this: “What about the homeless and downtrodden people in the slums of Detroit and Chicago? How come liberals and the New York Times don’t talk about that? How come liberals love foreigners more than they love Americans? 

3. And then there are the desperate maneuvers: Kellyanne Conway’s and Attorney General Sessions’ biblical arguments, their appeal to Saint Paul’s Romans 13 to argue that one’s first duty is obedience to the law...

...or Ann Coulter calling the crying babies at the border CHILD ACTORS! Can you believe this?

The depth of depredation on the Right has become bottomless. There are probably still many millions who swallow such desperate and unbelievably idiotic arguments.

More likely, millions don’t care.

The effort to keep America white is beginning to make this country resemble Germany in the 1930s. I am very worried.

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