Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Broken leg - Life is a Whore

Juliette Kando,  September 2017

Libère toi maman
de cette vie méchante, 
injuste, horrible et dégoutante 
qui nous séduit par sa beauté 
Comme une PUTAIN! 
Cette putain de vie 
que je déteste aujoud'hui 
Jusqu'au moment 
Ou, de nouveau, 
Elle me séduira par sa beauté 
Une fois libérée tu sera encore avec nous 
Tu brillera dans chaque diamant qui etincelle 
 au couché d'soleil à la plage 
Sous chaque pleine lune 
je te verrai sourire 
Et puis bientot, quand ca sera 
mon temps pour ma putain de vie 
de s'expirer, je te joindrai 
parmi l’eternité de nos ames. 

English Translation: ( Doesn't sound as nice as the French version but you'll get the gist.):

Liberate yourself Mother
of this wicked life,
unfair, horrible and disgusting
which seduces us by its beauty
Like a WHORE!
This whore of a life
that I hate today
Until once again
She will seduce me by her beauty
Once liberated you will still be with us
You will shine in every diamond that sparkles
 at sunset on the beach
Under each full moon
I shall see you smile
 And then soon, when it will be
my time for my whore of a life
to expire, I'll join you
among the eternity of our souls.

Even from the beyond, Ata Kando still has plenty up her sleeve. She may be gone but her work continues to grow and thrive. Several more books are currently in the making to be finished and published in the near future. Stay tuned! . leave comment here